9954 Guy

Whether you have bought numerous homes or this will be your first one, let me show you the benefits of dealing with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


I provide you with cashback to buy furniture, paint, curtains or perhaps you decide to get away for a few days.…either way you have $995!


Find out why I’m the $995 Guy


If you use me to buy a house I pay you $995.00


It’s not just about homes!

* Buying *

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you will ever make. It is

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also among the most stressful life events that most of us will ever go through – but it doesn’t have to be.

Working with a REALTOR that you trust, someone who has your best interests at heart, and who will go the extra mile (or ten) for you is the best way to ensure you are making the right decision for you and for your family.

You need an agent

with experience, who has seen it all (and then some), an agent with extensive education in the legal, procedural, and compliance aspects of real estate. You need someone to be your negotiator, your guide, and maybe even your counsellor who will walk you through your options, help you steer clear of common pitfalls, and help keep you sane during the process.

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You need someone who sees you as a person, who wants to work with you as a client rather than a customer, and who will work tirelessly to find you the home of your dreams.

You need someone who wants your business.
At the end of the day, you’re the home buyer – I’m just the guy who will help you get there.

Five of $100 Canadian Banknotes. With clipping path.

I pay you to buy a home!
Buying a MLS® listed home using me as your agent will get you a housewarming gift of up to $995 from me (I know, right?) within 2 weeks of closing.

First-time buyer? No problem! You do not need a house to sell to benefit from my generosity (or my humility, either.)

Out-of-province buyer?

Absolutely! No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll receive this gift to show my appreciation for your business, no strings** attached!

Your dream house is listed by another agent? That’s too bad for the sellers – they probably paid too much in commission by not listing with me – but use me as your buying agent and you’re STILL going to get your Buyer’s Gift!

I pay you to buy a house. Who else can say that?

*Limited time offer
**It would be nice if you complimented me on my hair or something, but it’s not actually required.

* Selling *

Selling your home – whether you’re moving up or downsizing – can be tricky. Everyone’s situation is different; there are options that would work perfectly for one seller that would be disastrous for another. When you’re looking to buy and sell at the same time, you need a REALTOR with your best interests at heart.

Working with Kevin to sell my house in Moncton was easily the best part of the process. He was always available to answer my questions and was great to deal with once I had left the province. His knowledge of the real estate market in Moncton and his ability to have candid conversations allowed for a quick sale. I highly recommend working with Kevin to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Erin Maloney

995 Perks

  • Minimum of 9 incredible HDR pictures
  • MLS® listing and “For Sale” sign in your yard
  • Innovative marketing plans – more than just your everyday Open House!
  • Guidance on pricing, staging, and maintaining your home during the sale process
  • Negotiations and compliance expertise
  • …and many, many other benefits.

You need someone who is honest and direct, someone who’s been around the block once or twice and who has suggestions you haven’t thought of. You need someone who will market your home appropriately, getting you the most attention possible, even in a saturated market.

Most importantly you need to make as much profit as possible.

Not all agents are created equal, either in service or in price.

And while other agents may charge as much as 5-7% of your sale price (without the 995 perks), if you list with me on closing you will only pay $995 + 2.5%*.

If you’ve done your research, you know how sweet this deal is. If not, let’s run some numbers for comparison:

Selling a house for $170000 at 5% you will pay $8500 in commission.

Selling a house for $170000 with the 995 Guy, you will pay $5245 in commission.

That is a difference of $3255 + HST.

Bottom line: You will get the benefits you would receive from the traditional agent contract, just at a lower price.

*This offer is open to homes in Moncton, Dieppe & Riverview. Please contact us for pricing for other areas. All fees do not include HST.  $995 +  2.5% of sale price will be paid on day of closing. Other agents may charge whatever they wish when listing a home. Not intended to solicit homes currently listed for sale by a licensed agent.

The choice is clear: list with The 995 Guy or possibly pay thousands more.

See my video


Click to watch the video

Are you market ready?

So, what are some things you should do before you’re ready to go on the market?

  • Have a market analysis completed to give you a starting point for pricing
  • Complete all those little repairs and partially finished jobs that you’ve been neglecting
  • If necessary, have money set aside for more major repairs and improvements (roof, landscaping, etc.)
  • Speak to your mortgage holder to discuss any penalties that may be assessed.
  • Price out and have funds for closing costs available (lawyers, commission, taxes, etc.)

If you’re looking to sell in the Greater Moncton Area, marketing matters. If you do a quick search of the houses available in similar price range, location, neighbourhood, and price range as yours, you will see the competition can be stiff.

You will also see that the photo options taken by many real estate agents (or by homeowners themselves) don’t always show houses to their best advantage.Five of $100 Canadian Banknotes. With clipping path.

Now put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You have limited time, a fixed budget, and you are looking for the house that speaks to you. You go online to search out properties for sale, and start flipping through by location and by price. Pretty soon, you are overwhelmed by all the options out there, and you start to get picky. Houses with no photos available, or worse with unappealing photos, are out of the running immediately. Available, attractive houses and their attached pictures become topic of suppertime discussions, links are emailed back and forth, pros and cons are weighed and measured before a phone call is ever made.
Five of $100 Canadian Banknotes. With clipping path.

As a real estate agent, a big part of my job is to get people through the door and let your house do the rest. My spectacular HDR shots will help make your home be the call your buyer chooses to make.

* Mere Posting *

Looking for private sale exposure but DON’T want to pay thousands of dollars to typical private sale companies?

For just $399 your property could be listed (with 1 exterior photo) on MLS and searchable on realtor.ca!

There are some pretty common questions when people hear this offer:

What’s in the small print?

NO small print here – you will never be charged more than $399 for this service. No hidden fees, no surprise costs upon closing. I will measure, list, and post your property – simple as that.

What are my responsibilities?

You will provide a sale sign, interior photos*, and handle all aspects of your sale including open houses **, showings, and negotiations.

What happens if I decide to go with your full services?

Lots of people try to sell on their own and then realize it’s harder than it looks. If you decide to engage me as your REALTOR, your $399 posting fee will be applied to my $995 listing cost, and the balance will only be due when your house sale closes.

What if I don’t want to do it ALL by myself?

I offer a few extras to make your job easier:

  • HDR Photos $129 – includes 9 interior HDR photos created and edited to bring out the very best in your home
  • Open House $49 – includes running the open house, promotion, and valuable feedback from potential buyers
  • Lock box $49 – 4 month rental allows other REALTORS to show your property to their buyers with no inconvenience to you


The real cost of selling privately!

Of course you can sell your house privately. Just make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into!

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